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Frequently Asked Questions

what are the 5 steps to plan my party?

1. You select the party style you like from our curated collection.  2. You determine if you would like a sit-down dinner party or cocktail party  3. You decide if you want your party catered by one of our local chefs and if so, selct the menu  4. You give us the logistics, # of guests, date, time and location  5. You pay.


can I host my party at any venue?

SME parties are designed to occur in personal spaces - your home or office. Our rentals must be delivered to the party address and remain at that location until we return to pick them up.  Alternative locations may be approved at our discretion please email us at


can I host my party in any city?

Currently we operate in Cleveland, Ohio and Akron, Ohio and their surrounding suburbs. However we're growing and want to party with you, if you would like to have SME in your city let us know at


is there a minimum or maximum #of guests?

Yes and yes. Dinner parties -min. guests 6, max. guests 12.  Cocktail parties -min. guests 6, max. guests 24. (Holiday and Milestone parties offer additional options) email us at and we will let you know.


why is there a minimum and maximum #of guests?

Two reasons:  1st - SME was created for at home entertaining not large scale events.

2nd - We are a specialty rentals boutique – the items we source and maintain are unique to the rental market and as a result, our procurement and overhead costs are higher than many standard rental companies which limits our inventory.


when will my eventware rentals arrive?

Eventwares will arrive 2 days before your party date. Deliveries are made between 7-10 am and 4-7 pm.  All deliveries and pick-ups must be made in person and with a person 18 years or older. Barware + Beverage packages require a person 21 years or older. If you require other delivery arrangements please contact us at


when will my catering arrive?

Catering will arrive on the day of your party w/in 2 hours of your start time.  All deliveries and pick-ups must be made in person and with a person 18 years or older. Barware + Beverage packages require a person 21 years or older. If you require other delivery arrangements please contact us at





do I get to keep the eventwares?

We know they're lovely but they're only for you to borrow.  The eventwares are rentals and are to be returned in the same condition you received them.  What is yours to keep are the paper table runners, fresh flowers, candles and any other paperwares.  If you select any of our Barware + Beverage kits all alcohol and mixers are yours to keep.


do I have to wash anything?

Cleaning and washing is part of our rental fee and we handle that for you.  If any of our plates are used for food/meal service, we ask that you only please scrape all plates of food, rinse lightly with water and dry before re-packing. Please do not place eventwares in a dishwasher, oven or microwave.


how do you sanitize your collections?

All of our products are lovingly cared for, and are washed before/after every use with a commercial grade dishwasher using commercial dish washing agents and sanitizing chemicals.


what if something is damaged or goes missing?

We do charge a replacement fee for all broken, damaged or missing merchandise at the conclusion of the event based on it’s replacement value.


what if I need to cancel?

Things come up and if you need to cancel you have options.  If you let us know at least 1 week before you will be given the chance to reschedule with an additional payment of $100 or receive 50% of the fee paid. If you let us know within a week of your party you will pay 100% of catering/vendor fees and receive 50% of the rental fees paid.


where are your products made?

We source our collections from U.S.A., Canada, Italy, France and the continents of Africa, Asia and South America.



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